Need New Items Right Away

If you wish to receive a new size and or style you are exchanging for, before previous purchase is returned and processed, go ahead and place a new order and it will be shipped right away (refer to Shipping for shipping times). Your order will be treated as a new order at that point and you will have to go through the check out process as before. 

Then start an Exchange Process. Once we receive previously ordered item(s), we will issue a refund. Your newly placed order will guarantee that return is treated as an Exchange and Exchange Rules NOT Return Rules will apply to the refund.


Return and Exchange Process 

Step 1

Initiate return or exchange by sending an email to 

In your email, please provide us with the following information:

In the subject field - type your order number and the Option (below) that applies to you. (Example. Order 233 - Option 3.)

In the email body - based on the chosen option, please paste and copy required fields (numbered) and record your answers. Example email - Click Here.


Option 1. Return

Use this option for return only

  1. Return
  2. Order Number -
  3. Item(s) to return -


Option 2. Exchange

Use this option if you need different size or style

  1. Exchange
  2. Order Number -
  3. Item(s) to Exchange –

Exchange to

  1. If same style, specify size needed -
  2. If exchanging for new style, new style SKU and size -


Option 3. Exchange - New Order Placed

Use this option if you placed an order for the new item(s) and now returning previously purchased merchandise equivalent to the new order. (If you purchased something different - this exchange will be treated as the FIRST FREE exchange, and any further exchanges will result in additional fees).

  1. Return / New Order Placed 
  2. New Order Number - 
  3. Old Order Number - 
  4. Item(s) to return –


Step 2

Once we receive your email - we will email you a shipping label for the merchandise return (1-3 business days).

Step 3

You can use the same packaging we used to ship your order. Secure all items found in original package (including cards, boxes, bags, etc. - keep the ring sizer), replace the label with the one you received in an email, and drop it off at the nearest available shipping location.

NOTE: USPS label - USPS location, FedEx label - FedEx location, and UPS label - UPS location. 

Step 4

Once items are securely back at our location, we will inspect the item(s) for damage and will process your return/exchange. If we observe damage to the item(s), we will asses the damage fee.

If item(s) are returned for a refund, we will process your refund minus the restocking fee ($35) and a damage fee (if applicable) in 2-5 business days. 

If item(s) are returned for an exchange, will ship the new item(s) within the next 2-3 business days based on the information specified in the return/exchange email. If there is price difference, damage fee, exchange fee, etc., it will be assessed at this time. *First exchange is free. Each additional exchange will incur a $15.00 fee per item. 


Do not ship any items for return or exchange without prior authorization. Any and all items sent to us without prior authorization will NOT qualify for a refund or exchange.

All items have to be sent back to us in the return/ exchange time period. We are not responsible for items returned after the 30 day period, therefore we will not issue a refund or process an exchange for the returned items. 

We are not responsible for shipping back any items returned to us without prior authorization or outside the return exchange period.