How to measure your wrist

String/ paper method

1. Use a string or a long piece of paper for measuring (magazine page, copy paper,etc.) If you have a soft measuring tape - it’s even easier!

2. Overlap the string, a long piece of paper, or a soft measuring tape over your wrist

3. Consider the spot where you will wear the bracelet and consider whether you want the bracelet to fit tight, slightly loose, or loose.

4. Move your wrist around while holding the string, long piece of paper, or a soft measuring tape and decide which fit would be most comfortable

5. Mark the spot that overlaps (both ends of the string or the paper) with a marker or a pen. For the soft tape, hold the measuring tape over the beginning of the tape, and note the number where both parts of the tape meet

6. Measure the distance between the dots on the paper or the string to obtain the needed size